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if you would like Dr. Block to speak at your next event please
email him at info@thestressfreedentist.com

Dentistry's Got Talent

I am proud to announce that I was selected to speak at this years Dentistry’s Got Talent dental festival in Miami in April.   Here's the link to my custom landing page.

I will be speaking on the subject of self-doubt, stress, and burnout in dentistry.  It’s a Ted Talk Style of speaking competition and they are expecting over 80,000 people to watch online. 

Get 10 free CE via the Facebook Live Link.


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The MDS Dentist Health and Wellness Committee is hosting a series of Member Stories that will be shared in an up-close-and personal "Ted Talk" fashion. The Committee hopes to create a community where like-minded dentists can share their stories, struggles, and strategies and learn from one another.

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