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if you would like Dr. Block to speak at your next event please
email him at info@thestressfreedentist.com

"Game Changers" Live at The Dental Festival in Nashville, TN

In collaboration with Action To Win at the Dental Festival. Learn to reduce stress and avoid burnout with Game-changer products, techniques, and technology

Use Code AWEB at check out to get $50


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Stress-Free Workflows for Fillings, Crowns, Night-guards, and implants

In this webinar, Dr. Eric Block, author of The Stress-Free Dentist: Overcome Burnout and Start Loving Dentistry Again, will share 7 game-changing techniques that have made his workflows more efficient and less stressful. He’ll walk through step-by-step clinical tips for fillings, crowns, night-guards, and implants that you can take back to your practice right away.

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Stress-Free Implants Featuring: Ditron Dental USA

Learn Dental Implants the "Stress-Free Way"
This presentation will introduce you to a 3rd generation dental implant system that checks all the boxes with features and benefits designed to preserve marginal bone and mitigate the risks of peri-implant disease.

More info Coming Soon

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The Expansion Project

Life wasn’t supposed to feel this way.

You did everything ‘right’.
You have the career, the house, the car, the family, the money…
You feel like you should be grateful for everything you have.
But deep down, something doesn’t feel right.
You wake up every morning with a feeling that life should be MORE.
You keep ignoring the signs of burnout, and have to motivate yourself to “get through” just one more day.
The time has come where you can no longer ignore that the life you once dreamt of is slipping by year by year.

The Expansion Project. A place where you can call home, with like-minded individuals that want to see you win the game of life. 

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Dental Tribune Article

Interview with Dr Eric Block: “Dentistry is a grind”

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Live with Blocky

Join us live on iLoveDentistry Facebook Group 

Where we discuss a topic for the day with a member of the group

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The Dental Industry Academy

The Dental Industry Academy is a community where dental companies come together to network, learn, and thrive.

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The Deals for Dentists Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Eric Block.  The Deals for Dentists podcast is on every major audio platform.  Weekly interviews with Dental professionals and companies to hear their stories and learn how they can help other dentists. 

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Facebook Groups

Join me and like minded peers on the iLoveDentistry and The Stress Free Dentistry Facebook Groups 

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Dr. Block's Link Tree

Dr. Eric Block's Link Tree

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Game Changers Webinar

Learn to re-energize your practice and career by adding new treatments and technology

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